Plate & Frame Filter - 40cmx40cm - Seitz Zenit - SEN-40A30 - [Reconditioned]

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Seitz Zenit-V - SEN-40A30

Reconditioned unit.

Set up for a maximum of 29 plates with two endplates.

Complete with two sight glass fittings and Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge.

Two used plastic endplates with silicon seals.

Scroll pressing system.

In ready to work condition with all valves.

Product in/out connections are DINW40

Price for the above filter = €3500.00

Plastic filter plates are not included in the price listed.

Additional Cost for 29 black plastic filter plates at €40.00 + VAT Each = €1,660.00 + VAT

Delivery Cost for one shipment to a UK destination on a standard truck for customer to offload = approximately €650.00 + VAT

More Optional Extras:

A stainless steel changeover plate of 3mm thickness, complete with additional sight glass. This option allows the machine to be used for two stages of filtration in one run.

The changeover plate and additional sight glass are priced at €1600.00 + VAT

Drip Tray is not included in the price quoted.

Drip Tray in stainless steel is available, priced at €350.00 + VAT

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