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ABUK started out in 1982 as Advanced Bottling UK Limited, providing on-site engineering expertise for the bottling lines of iconic UK breweries and Scottish Whisky distilleries.


Developing into a small, family-run business, the focus shifted to the microbrewery industry, which emerged in the UK in the late 1980’s and developed through the 1990’s and beyond.


A long-standing member of SIBA – The Society of Independent Brewers [formerly: Small Independent Brewer’s Association], ABUK have spent over 30 years supplying equipment and expertise to small and mid-sized breweries in the UK and abroad.


Today, Advanced Brewing UK (a trading name of Advanced Bottling UK Ltd.) focuses on turn-key brewery installations as well as the supply & installation of new and high quality used tanks and vessels across a range of industries.

We fabricate our own brewing systems in the UK and with our worldwide network of contacts, we are able to source and supply specific vessels and machinery to meet our clients’ needs.​

ABUK offers the following speciality services:

  • Brewery design & supply of equipment.

  • Consultancy.

  • Financing options.

  • Valuations of plant & machinery.

  • Removal and transportation.

  • Storage and resale of high quality, second-hand equipment.


ABUK  can be commissioned to take care of a complete project, from the design and layout drawings through to delivery and complete installation. If desired, we can supply an experienced brewer to assist with the commissioning of the plant, designing of recipes and the provision of staff training.

As discerning craft brewers, our clients appreciate the difference that good quality brewing vessels will make to their process and their product. An investment in machinery from Advanced Brewing can enable consistent results with each brew.

Thank you for choosing to support ABUK as we continue to support you.

Advanced Brewing UK - THE BEER ENGINEERS.

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