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MICROMAT - M 2/2-B - Internal KEG Cleaning & Filling Machine - (Semi-Automatic)

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MICROMAT - M 2/2-B - Internal KEG Cleaning & Filling Machine - (Semi-Automatic)

Manufactured by M+F KEG-Technik of Germany. Imported and supplied by ABUK.

The M+F KEG-Technik MICROMAT is a semi-automatic internal KEG cleaning machine.

  • The MICROMAT is equipped with an elevating platform and includes all electric, electronic and pneumatic parts required for its operation.
  • The infeed of empty KEGs and the discharge of cleaned and filled KEGs is done manually.
  • By means of integrated control software and hardware (Siemens S7) the cleaning and filling process is done full automatically.
  • Initiators monitor the positions of several pneumatic cylinders.
  • Liquid detectors control the media flux and re-flux.
  • The base frame is made of welded stainless steel.
  • Pipe-work, valves and all important mechanical elements are also of stainless steel construction.
  • The machine can be equipped with a conversion unit for different kinds of fitting systems, as well as for KEGGYs and soft-drink-KEGs.
  • Also available for one-way KEG filling.

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