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CIME - Swing-top Bottling Line - [Secondhand]

€120 000.00
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The following equipment was originally supplied for filling beer @ 2°C into 330ml glass swing-top bottles (D = 60mm; H = 230mm) at a speed of ± 1,900 bph. Last intended but never used for filling liquors also in 500ml, 750ml and 1,000ml bottles. Equipment wired for 415 Volt, 50 Hz., and in excellent condition. Consists of:

1) 1 of used new-glass loading table, fitted with 5 tracks of stainless steel slat conveyor on stainless steel frame, with inliner guide rails and variable speed drive motor. New: 2006.

2) 1 of used inter-connecting, in-line, single-track empty and full bottle conveyor, stainless steel slat on stainless steel frame. New: 2006.

3) 1 of used rinser/filler mono-bloc; Make: Cime Caredduou (Italy); Type: DPS 9-8; New: 2006; 9-head rotary liquid rinser with buffer tank and pump; no-bottle/no-spray feature; 8-head rotary counter-pressure filler with double pre-evacuation (built-in vacuum pump); Height: adjustable; Min/max bottle diameter: 50–90mm; Min/max bottle height: 180–350mm; CIP to-drain; Fitted with Telemecanique PLC and frequency inverter; Operates from left to right.

4) 1 of used swing-top capper; Make: AMS Getränketechnik (Austria); Type: BV 8/2000/0,33/1 Takt; New: 2006; Min/max bottle diameter: 60–85mm; Min/max bottle height: 190–320mm; Height: adjustable; Fitted with Siemens S7 PLC and SEW frequency inverter; Capacity: maximum 2,000 bph.

5) 1 of used free-standing, bench-top, tamper-evident, self-adhesive labeller (applied vertical strip over closure swing). Make: Pack Leader (U.S.A.); Type: ELF50. New: 2006.

6) 1 of used, free-standing, small-character, ink-jet coding system. Make: MapleJet - Pro- Digit. New: 2010.

7) 1 of used full bottle collection table. Fitted with variable speed drive for inter-connecting conveyor. Stainless steel design. New: 2006.

8) 1 of used free-standing self-adhesive box taper; Make: SOCO System (Denmark); Type: T-10; New: 1998. For applying self-adhesive tape to top and bottom of cases. Box width and height adjustable.

9) 1 of used CO2 vaporiser. 1 of used CO2 monitor.

10) 1 of Kaeser Aircenter SX-4 screw compressor. New: 2011.

Layout drawing of equipment is available upon request.

Price: €120,000.00 (Euro's) Ex-VAT As-is / Where-is.

Location: Germany

Price Excludes Packing Materials. Terms of payment: 100% with order, prior to loading/dispatch.

Note: for the above price we could also swap the swing-top capper for a dual-operation natural-corker/crowner (26 mm), brand and year of manufacture unknown – see pictures.

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